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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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strategy officer states there are chronicle housing shortage and the around model has a significant impact 2/3rd's of the 5 thousand rentals were for whole houses and with pricing averaging 8 hundred plus dollars a night what is the insensitive to make that affordable legislation contradicts the housing shortage lowers the availability of the housing - >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm marla knight i represent north beach committee we formed in january of this year in response to the ellis act and now for the vacation rebel they take place
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in whole buildings such unit whole buildings are designated now illegal as vacation rentals i support the intiks inspector by dbi of the properties inside and outside for fire and safety code probably violations, and i support that as part of the registration process i'm very concerned as other members in my committee we're represent about 2 hundred tenants plus a handful of owners in the area weighing we're very concerned about the process it seems like it's sound but the money unless we have funds designated so far registration, investigation, how the regulatory measure is not going to work if this is not
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done with due diligence in a timely fashion and a i understand the only money allocated to the 50 there's registration fee and the money from the finances i'm wondering how is this going to be furnished to be funded properly thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm tresh i'm here representing seniors and sdrablt action group i think that enforcement has said it needs to be insured well before this becomes effective and money need to be in place in order to do that enforcement so money such is back taxes own e owed phone number for the loose two
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years and money not to be taken from the general fund in order to have teeth in enforcement also it is a commercial have you ever seen the short-term rental it is benefiting obviously individuals i'm not sure it's benefiting community because the word community has not been used at all in this discussion nor in the previous discussion it is important because the folks are losing their sense of security transparent convenient people coming and going on and two advancing dropped off 6 visitors this weekend to walk them down the alley of an entire building used as vacation rentals for years the owner is a real estate
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attorney and realtor and that needs to be stopped right now it's still illegal and i hope you'll stop that it is pretending my neighborhoods 80 and 83 and 87 lingus to prevent them from finding a place in the city. >> i'm dale with the housing neighborhood and affordable housing jobs measure waiting on the filing of the election department i want to talk about the night to providing that transparent public and assessable short-term rentals when we were campaigning this
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is something that the nazi would do in the prior days of rounding up jews it's something that the american government did prior to rournd up japanese and today, we heard if a homeowner that's worried about his safety if you had a short-term rental no one is going to know when you're out of time and as far as privacy goes why should this public record be treated any differently than a business license or a public relations transfer where we know who is buyer and the seller and the size of the mortgage the buyer might carry if we're going to rely on the public as at planning department now does to enforce this legislation the
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registry needs to be public as an important tool for the public to use to determine what's going on in our neighborhood and building for heaven sakes it if i applied for a permit to remodel our bathroom the mere application generates notification for every property owner in 3 hundred feet there's no justification to keep those registrations unanimous. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, i'm lauren i know i had a card in there i'm not sure i was called. >> yeah. we didn't call our name. >> thank you that's fine. >> next speaker >> hi supervisors my name is bryan i believe my card was called thank you for letting me me be here i'm a proud and happy
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resident of bayview supervisor cohen we're a single-family home in bayview and an airbnb host ami isle i've got two children i'm proud i stated a few weeks ago make it clear for us hosting for over 3 years not a single safety problem with the average guests in the bayview i've been living there four and a half years no crime no problems a family orptd neighborhood my favorite place 3 i've lived in the but i really support the idea of safety posting supervisor cohen appreciate i bringing that up and supervisor chiu the idea of self-report i like the idea as a single-family home owner of being accountable and give a
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shout out to the airbnb finally prioritizing the taxes thank you airbnb for e-mail me and let me know that a taxably system is going to be place villaraigosa soon there's a prejudice against bayview i felt it every passengers when i talk about bayview oh, wasn't that a dangerous neighborhood it's not i like to share that first hand with people and finally, i offer to the supervisors a ceremonial key to my house i'll mail that to you (laughter). >> thank you very much. next
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speaker. >> okay. we'll go to the next batch (calling names) you can come on up i'm david thomas first a comment about insurance you can obtain insurance on a home or a 4 unit building quite easily not to restrict short-term rentals to those who have large units 5
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unit or more that remains a building second a comment on enforcement rewarding the 2 hundred and 75 requirement for living in the unit and the days that you are being rented out it's easy to go on airbnb for example, and check that out there's probably no need to send people out to look at parents at 6:00 a.m. in the morning or whatever critics say you can tell from the reviews what kind of unit and so on and so forth and third on the question of hosted and non-hosted the 90 day possibility i think it would be a mistake to have 90 days across the board there are many people many
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people including a tenant i have who need more than 90 days in order to pay their rent if you want me, too i'll evict them and make more money and they like a lot of people will be out living somewhere who knows where we, keep those people in affordable housing for them if we can have more and more 90 days as a hosted rental thank you very much. >> thank you very much >> next speaker. >> my name is in a i will with my husband we own a single-family home next to an austrian investor who turned it
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into a hotel managed by a company out of san francisco it's a from in the matter how is it sleeps 12 a party vacation house the majority of our problems are floiz noise complaints my husband is a surgeon and needs more sleep we had to call the police officer 3 times for vauchl and we woke up with 10 people on our roof drinking beer they scaled our house because we had a better view on our roof than the roof next door i'm in favor of any kind of endorsement but this bona fide i hope the hotel in connection next door to me will
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be shut down. >> may i ask a question sue have you recorded. >> of course >> who did you report this to. >> i've worked with kimberly and she's been terrific but you can't without. >> you're working with the planning department or the department of building inspection. >> she's with the planning department and she's been wonderful but without financial translations you can't track this so, i mean she did the website which is a woman that runs the website for the website a year ago it said perfect for are parties up to one hundred this is in my next door neighborhoods house that he was easy to get that taken off the website but you can't manage what she explained it's hard to
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prove that - i mean, she would have to sit there and how many months ago did you report this to the city. >> when the hotel first opened i saw their website a year and a half. >> recorded it a year and a half ago and we have not been to shut that down i'm sorry that was more of a statement we're still doing on investigation on a year and a half for something it's clearly a hotel. >> yes. >> i'm not looking the planning department. >> i'd like to talk with you further about it i'll give you my card. >> i know we have a lot of public comment i'd love to come back to this issue i'm stunned with our existing laws that are much clearer than the law we're about to pass and we're already
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not able to you know prohibit this type of activity a year and a half is stunning i'm worried if we have less guidelines i hope we can address that after public comment. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> >> i'm matthew i live in san francisco i urge the city to allow the short-term rentals to continue their counter applications the kifshz should apply to those newer ones and management by personal loans maybe the chief development mortgage and insurance anybody's paid every month please don't yank the rug out from under mom
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and pop that have been representing san francisco welcoming visitors is not possible for a corporate run hotel which are sold-out it applies to buildings with 4 units or less and most have been painting and purchasing comfortable beds and twouldz and hair blowers and other necessities they buy and sell hardware such as credit card readers and it's hard work scrubbing bathrooms and refilling amenities and stripping and making by these between visits they must be communicated and refund when necessary and visitors that do the shopping in the city have to haul away maps and packing materials and empty shy boxes
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it's constant hard work it won't take a short-term rental market to collect money that provides one hundred percent occupancy i'm saying that this will not create affordable housing at all thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm bryan i'm in supervisor david chiu's district i want to say that number one most of the protective we're talking about today and a lot of the provision in the finally provision are already covered under several different laws it san francisco already has on the books for example, if i ellis
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act building i'd be prevented from doing so we never talk about the positive you've heard several people talk about the positive effort i know the positive impact goes far beyond beneficial and tax revenues it's an ability for people to break down barriers i've hosted people from all over the world safety i'm a member of a group of people that own a 7 unit building we have an inspector coming by and give us a yay or nay in the last couple of years we got a nay petting $80,000 into the economy for fixing it our our building was retrofitted in of 2000 when you're looking
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at the apartment shares i'm actually living in mine vs. something small business that use their property as a hotel the woman previously never mentioned some sites we all end up going to craigslist i u you end up reducing the amount of safeties and the other thing finally my name and address and other things should be kept out of any registry. >> next speaker >> hi, i'm a homeowner in the upper hate area of san francisco i'm exactly the kind of host ou want in short term home sharing i own my building it's a one
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hundred-year-old building i'm also there when i have people in my home i ask as you look at legislation you look at it from a prospective that doesn't work against hosts like not that i'm aware of a 90 day cap for instance, with about a waste of times you'd be capping my days i've never had neighbor complaints or parking violations i meet and greeted every guest building community i think the people that have been staying with me is exactly with hate street needs more of they're going to restaurant and using the local businesses and their fantastic people and they want to be a in a part of san francisco where there's no hotels the are parrot of my his
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or her house they rent has no kitchen they have to eat out every night when you're thinking about the differences between commercial and residential remember steven jobs started a business out of his garbage there are men doing business at home in their laptop all the time and that's not legislation. >> thanks. >> next speaker. >> i was called earlier i'm bryan hill i support home sharing one summer i hosted a bunch of airbnb guests i choose not to do it because it's a coordination
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hassle i want to address one thing the distinction between the old and new residents the existing laws impact similarities ability to come in where it would this legislation if it were passed would impasse the folks ability to have quasi hotel businesses so the extent that the hotel limits one to a home sharing opportunity did that result in a eviction and it doesn't then you're not talking about displaying residents that's not an issue 0 now what upstairs it's a question of are the perspectives for new tenants limited because they want to do
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home sharing and not renting the person is is the - the second thing is i'm concerned that if this legislation didn't pass with - if it passes with challenges and hoops the businesses go back underground to craig's list thank you. >> thank you i'm going to reread the names of the people that evaporate testified yet in case you walked into the room (calling names)
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okay looks like none of them are here so i'll read another batch actually, the final batch (calling names) you can go ahead. >> hi michael patterson live in the mission with my wife my daughter is 13 so she'll be a 20-year recipe someday my issue is an important issue i have difficulty getting out of work. >> i'm sorry what's our name.
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>> michael patterson. >> did i call you. >> you called me in w a batch and you called a michael g as in incurring maybe upper called this morning. >> i get here and signed in a moment ago. >> i'm sorry, sir we'll call you we're trying to be strike on the cards. >> an opportunity i'm barbara last year, i lost my job and starting hosting because i needed the money it saved me if home sharing were not an option i would have lost my home it was not part of the long-term homes i used it for my personal use and when i'm on my feet i'll do
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that again, i'm opposed to the - i'm going back to school to get more training i'm working on a small business i pope hope we can give employment to folks if i didn't have this home sharing i wouldn't be on my feet i ask you to approve the legislation. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors i'm lauren i live on the ned of the panhandle my husband and i bought our home in 1979 i started renting a room for my
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husband's sawdust living costs i pay 47 hundreds for him to be in a facility he has dementia i work part time and all of this together he helps me not to go into our retirement fund i don't want to deplete that fund i think that i'm here to support supervisor chiu's protective i have liability insurance for renting to no more than 2 people in my home for $2 million and my main concerns about some of the discussion today is on the 90 day limit i really need to do it more than 90 days for it to be meaningful to me and the other parrots about the registry i have no problem registering and paying
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to register but i feel like in some of the people are talking about something pits x possessing we register your cars and things like that but i know there are people that have taken advantage of that by evicting but someone that is doing that in my own home i've had no problems and complaints and had great people it's been a valuable experience so i ask for your consideration for that. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is e.r. than cook mayor edwin lee my wife and i own a home in the excelsior district we have two daughters that are 11 and 9 and we have been either challenging our home or renting
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our home for the last 8 years or so and lauded us to consistently pay our mortgage and been a huge help in terms of augmenting our income we make a point of providing a listing of all the local businesses to our airbnb guests because we are proud of where we live our children go to public utilities a half-mile away so we're engaged and the comments i get from guests i never even know with the excelsior existed i love the cafes and the restaurants are great you can get produce for happening half the costs at a major supermarket so tailors is a medicaid waiver i didn't tourism in my district because
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my neighbors and i rent out our homes for vacation and it allows us to take vacationed you know go away and do things with our kids that particularly now, when i'm unemployed for the first time in 20 years we can do so i love what airbnb and similar rivers like home exchange do in our our community they certainly help our family and the guests are wonderful i've gotten to screen them and talk to them and it's mostly families that are staying in our neighbors we've been able to welcome lots of families to san francisco and the excelsior. >> thank you very much, sir. >> thank you, supervisors dennis i'd like to raise an issue that's received no


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